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The concepts and designs of the cast stone ornaments detailed in this website started since 1976 in Europe with the apprenticeship of Babken Ovespian our company’s founder. Mr. Ovsepian has taken the designs he learned in those years as an apprentice and applied them to today’s specialized uses and materials. The result, a pleasing and practical mixture of old-word work ethic and modern technology, has made Donatello Stone famous for architectural ornaments.

Rekindled interest and demand by architects for decorative designs has prompted Donatello Stone Design to develop architectural cast stone for such aesthetic uses curving, sculpting relief work, fireplace, molding, columns, building facades and balustrades. These beautiful pieces with the look of traditional carved stone, are formed with modern, lightweight building materials. Donatello Stone Design is proud to present this website of cast stone products as a supplement out our regular catalog of plaster products.

As you looks at the images please keep in mind that the color if our precast stone can remain as pure and natural as the cement and stone used in its manufacture. It can also be tinted to create the desired color effect. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, properly reinforced precast stone also provides super strength and weathers very well. It is material for the architect/designer interested in creating distinctive and enduring architecture.

We invite you to visit our manufacturing plant to judge for yourself the quality of our cast stone architectural products and our ability to serve your design requirements.